5 reasons to NOT have a web site

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Overrated, expensive for sure, not well functioning.

Since the very far 1968 (date of establishment of the system better known as ARPANET) the world of the web has evolved and the internet has become a reality that has more than 200,000,000 sites.

Un numero, inoltre, costantemente in crescita!

A trend of absolute growth that shows no sign of dampening, much less stopping, his hateful ten-year motion. Let's face it! Today websites are overrated.

Let's see the five reasons why you should NOT have a website for your business.

1) Your loyal costumer already know where you are! Che motivo c’è di raccontare a tutti cosa fai, se il Signor Tal Dei Tali passa a salutarti tutte le mattine da quando è andato in pensione? Difatti lui sa dove trovarti, e negli ultimi dieci anni i suoi figli sono venuti almeno una volta a comprare da te. Sì è vero, avere un sito web potrebbe aiutarti ad ottenere new potential costumers end to increase your commercial web, letting you gain much more money after all. What reason is there? Your loyal customers already know where to find you, what you offer and how you work. With the simple, healthy and always efficient word of mouth you can reach friends of friends! Yes sir, at this rate within ten years you will have a solid 5/6 % more customers. 

2) You already have an Instagram or facebook account and if somebody needs to ask you any information can easily send you a message! Why should you have a website if you already have more than one social profile? Chi ti vuole ti cerca in ogni modo e con ogni mezzo! E per di più, diciamocelo, è pure scomodo rispondere a tutti quei messaggi, non sarebbe meglio rispondere tutto il giorno al telefono? E poi, come si fa a comprare un prodotto senza nemmeno vederlo e toccarlo con mano? Erano belli i tempi in cui la gente affollava i negozi, e le forniture venivano scelte ad hoc. There are no more customers than they used to be

3) In a global world someone has to keep in touch with the territory! With a site, you may have customers all over the world, but nowhere is like home. If you have a strong bond with the territory, and this is a source of pride for your business, what do you do with a website? Nobody gives the right value to tradition anymore, small businesses are now overwhelmed by the giants of the web. It is fortunate that there is someone who still manages to work in contact with the public. Sometimes it's hard to compete with big digital companies, but you do what you can!

4) Between e-mails, video calls, social networks, and orders via WhatsApp your business is already fully digitalized! By now most of your work is in front of the computer, you don't really have time to manage a site too! Sure, a well-made site would allow you to get all of your online business together in one place, but now you get used to it and to use all that different platforms, so no reason to let some kind of digital assistant to manage orders, sales, discounts, offering, cash drawer and your stock.

5) You are a professional and if potential customers do not understand that, it is only because they are not informed enough! They say that having a site serves to let everyone know about your professionalism, but the really interested customers are those who know how to recognize a professional from miles away. Of course, it is more difficult to control the word of mouth of customers, and it may happen that even slightly less satisfied customers talk about you, but you are not in a hurry: sooner or later, the customer who is genuinely interested in finding you will do the right research and knock on your door.

So what's the point pro of building a website for your business?! As you see there's no reason at all to direct your business towards digital. Moreover, as often happens, the family shop passes from father to son for generations, always remaining the same. If a business boasts decades of history, what reason is there to improve it!

Websites... really useless.