Yesterday's advertising... today outraging

Pubblicità scandalose

Pubblicità scandalose

A subject so vast and, unfortunately, full of examples could not end with just one, single article. If you are looking for strong sensations, horror, disgust, and maybe a big laugh, you are in the right place.

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Even today, let's take a look at 5 other examples of advertising campaigns adopted in the past that would certainly be banned today. Racist, sexist, unscrupulous, morally dubious or content-improbable, the past century has witnessed very disastrous campaigns, sometimes on screen, aimed or at increasing sales.

Is the perception of what causes disgust that changes? Or the "Oh my God, that's terrific!" was yesterday a solid marketing strategy?

Andiamo a vedere altri 5 esempi di campagne pubblicitarie adottate in passato che oggi sarebbero certamente improponibili.

#1 – We wrapped these twins in cellophane
Pubblicità scandalose

We wrapped this twins in cellophane to show our product keep anything cool.

Not really born under a cabbage, but yes preserved as fruit and vegetables. Commoditizing children? Remove their oxygen? What comes to your mind when you see this photo? Today it would be considered an unconvincing combination, to put it mildly.

#2 – Why we have the youngest 7up costumer in the business

Pubblicità scandalose

Once again the combination children and product not meant for them is on our screen. The extremely famous soda seem to be perfectly drinkable if you are a young little kid. Even if it would have been neutral, medically speaking, for babies' digestion, I don't think it would have been wise to let newborns drink any soda.

After all, there must be a reason if nowadays children play roles just in commercial for children

#3 – Isn’t it time to gave yourself a Christmas gift?

Pubblicità scandalose

How the jingle was: "Have yourself a merry… big gun for Christmas”.

Isn't it time to get yourself a nice Christmas present ??!! Not bad after all, why not get yourself a nice Christmas present? "This year, you too choose the Colt .45, free shipping and for less than 80 bucks! The expensive and inflated wool sweater in unlikely colors had obviously just gone out of fashion.

#4 – Syphilis

Pubblicità scandalose

Advertising progress, ladies and gentlemen!

For all young fighters who wanted to defeat the Axis powers, it was inadvisable to have unsafe sex. Ok that's fine! Here too we have a small slip of Marketing. She may look clean but… she spreads syphilis and gonorrhea. Yes, before the war ended women were definitely the face of evil. It was their fault if terrible diseases swept through the ranks of the army and navy.

However, this small tendency to demonize women as a carrier of disease was overturned with the end of the war.

Uno dei pochi esempi di equità di genere premoderna:

After the war it was the bold young men who could transmit syphilis and, in this case, women had to be careful. So get away from the dance halls, women!

#5 – Show her it’s a man’s world

Pubblicità scandalose

Ultimo esempio, primo della nostra classifica, le cravatte Van Heusen. Sì, esatto, sempre loro. Affezionatissimi al primo posto, si ripropongono dopo lo scivolone dei “4 uomini su 5…” (read here).

In this cartoon, a woman prostrates herself to her husband, bringing him breakfast in bed, while he enjoys it blissfully. All this was possible thanks to the tie!!! Indeed buying a little piece of silk you could have shown your wife who the boss is. Dominating your wife is always priceless, so any price Van Housen asked was of course super low. A really super powerful tie.

Well, even for today we have found some examples of advertising content allowed yesterday, today unacceptable.

Any publicity is good publicity. Perhaps last century advertisers took this aphorism too seriously ...

Well. Did you like our rank? See you in the next article with more examples of things that would horrify today, acceptable advertisements yesterday.


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